The Intel Programmable Solutions Group, has delivered industry-leading custom logic solutions to customers since 1984. Today, the Intel business unit provides even more industry-leading custom logic solutions, including Cyclone®, Arria®, and Stratix® FPGAs and SoCs, CPLDs, and Enpirion® power management products.


Arria 10

The Only FPGA with Hardened Floating-Point DSP Blocks



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Enpirion Automotive Power SoC

Automotive-Grade DC/DC Highly Integrated Power Modules


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Single Chip Non-Volatile Programmable Logic Solutions



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PowerSoC Integrated Buck DC-DC Converters, High Efficiency, High Accuracy

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The Arria® V SoCs

Altera SoCs integrate an ARM®-based hard processor system (HPS)



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Arria® V family of FPGAs

Highest bandwidth and the lowest total power for midrange applications



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