Embedded Vision

The merging of two technologies: embedded systems and computer vision. An embedded system is any microprocessor-based system that isn’t a general-purpose computer. Computer vision is the use of digital processing and intelligent algorithms to interpret meaning from images or video. Computer vision has mainly been a field of academic research. However, with the emergence of very powerful, low-cost, and energy-efficient processors, it is now possible to incorporate vision capabilities into a wide range of embedded systems.

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Energy Storage

Battery Management System (BMS) solutions are designed to monitor, balance and protect large scale battery stacks in many applications. These include

  • electric vehicles
  • grid storage
  • secondary vehicles such as industrial fork lifts or ATVs
  • residential time-of-use billing
  • solar- and wind-power conversion systems
  • UPS back-up and many military/defense uses.

The technology to manage next-generation battery systems for peak performance is complex and requires state-of-the-art design and testing to guarantee the results first time and on-going. Modern solutions address all of the needs associated with today’s complex systems.

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Functional Safety

Complexity of electronically-driven operations, especially safety functions makes prediction of safety performance very critical element of every Industrial application. Electronic systems carry out many functions in safety components assessment and product certification like, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), decoders, sensors, vital communication and bus systems evaluation, Safety assurance process evaluation and mechanical and pneumatic components evaluation. Reduction of risk or systematic and random hardware failures requires focus and attention as the complexity continues to increase. It is aimed at reducing risks associated with software for safety functions to a tolerable level by providing feasible requirements and processes. Finnaly Functional Safety is needed to achieve “absence of unreasonable risk due to hazards caused by malfunctioning behavior of E/E systems” hazards: “potential source of harm” -> harm: “physical injury or damage to the health of humans” .

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Motor Drives

Motor drives present the largest share of the automotive, industrial and consumer market and define a fast growing new segment. The increased needs for energy efficiency are driving electronically controlled solutions of various motor types, such as AC Induction (ACIM), Brushed DC, Brushless DC (BLDC), Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PSMS) and Stepper motors. Energy costs through the life cycle of the electric motor represent the highest part of the overall operating costs. If the operating costs can be reduced, profitability can be increased and your production becomes more environmentally friendly.

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Power Supply - Switch Mode PS

Power supply switches the incoming power on and off, and varies the width of the resultant pulses to provide the desired voltage after they have been integrated and filtered. This approach is more efficient than that of a linear power supply, which dissipates the power resulting from the voltage drop in its regulator. A switch mode power supply is therefore cooler running than a linear power supply with the same output rating, and is smaller because it doesn’t require the bulky (and heavy) power transformer of the equivalent linear supply. However, the switching does result in the output containing more electrical noise than the linear supply, so when planning to use a switch mode power supply it is very important to first verify that the noise will not adversely affect the intended application.

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Sensor Technology

The progress of Sensor Technology over the last 5-10 years has been creating one of the fastest growing markets we have ever known. Indications like ‘Markets for Current Sensors in Industrial Applications’, ‘MEMS: Looking for the Next Killer App to Maintain Double-Digit Growth’, ‘Motion Sensor Market for Smartphones and Tablet PCs are Set to Double by 2015’, ‘Silicon Magnetic Sensors Market to Reach $1.46bn in 2011: IHS’ (all sources isupply™) – and many more - show the huge opportunities to get best technologies. Nowadays our daily life demands more and more sensitivity. Safety systems in cars need to react before the drivers even start to notice an irregular event, Smoke and gas detectors start an emergency process by themselves, Mobile phones have learned to watch, listen, position themselves in all four dimensions including time, and save the data, Hearing aids, blood pressure monitors and glucose meters prolong lives, Handheld gaming, Smart Phones and other kinds of fancy consumer products improve (often) quality of life.

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