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With a range of optimized sensing, processing, and connectivity solutions, ADI is helping customers realize
the best possible outcomes from the Internet of Things.

EBV University

Sensor Signal Chain / Industry 4.0 Ready

EBV University

Sensor Signal Chain / Industry 4.0 Ready
The 4th Industrial Revolution will drive the need for smart sensing, data conversion and transmission to bridge the physical and digital word.



Improve your analog design know-how now with this free webinar. 
EBV Elektronik and Analog Devices present the major elements of a sensor signal chain.
 You will learn about:

  • the different sensor types,
  • how to select the right amplifier,
  • which converter types will fit your requirements,
  • and the isolation technology of Analog Devices,

based on an example of a pressure transmitter with a 2-wire 4..20 mA interface (loop powered) and HART communication.

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