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Once solely the mainstay of computing and communications products, today memories are found in a wide variety of applications from automotive to medical,  industrial  and consumer as well as internet connected devices.

Samsung Memory


Inspire The World, Create The Future
Samsung Semiconductor remains at the forefront of the market by constantly pushing the limits on innovation through sustained investment in R&D and corporate citizenship. We have been the memory leader for over 20 years with numerous world first innovations.


Key Technologies


Computing - Reduced latency, eliminated bottleneck

Achieving desired speeds in the midst of growing data traffic has become more critical than ever for web and application servers. With 3D memory technologies, Samsung has eliminated performance bottlenecks and expanded the limits of traditional PCs and servers.


Mobile – Slimmer yet more powerful

Samsung can deliver on the promise of a powerful mobile experience. Mobile DRAM, eMMC/UFS supports each component in a smartphone to perform at its best through improved speed and density for a seamless mobile user experience.


Industrial – Automotive grade quality and longevity

Samsung offers the best Defect Parts Per Million (DPPM) management capability based on the world largest volume. Our industry-leading memory portfolio spans DDR2/3, LPDDR4 and eMMC/SLC that are all compliant with AEC-Q100 grade 2/3.



Samsung - KLMCG8GEAC-B031

64 Gbytes Extended Temperature eMMC



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Samsung - K4B2G16462

The 2 Gb DDR3 SDRAM Q-die is organised as a 16M x 16 x 8 banks device.



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