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Once solely the mainstay of computing and communications products, today memories are found in a wide variety of applications from automotive to medical,  industrial  and consumer as well as internet connected devices.


Toshiba, the Inventor of Flash Memory


In 1984, Toshiba developed a new type of semiconductor memory called flash memory, leading the industry into the next generation ahead of its competitors. Some time later in 1987, NAND flash memory (NAND) was developed, and this has since been used in a variety of memory cards and electronic equipment. The NAND market has grown rapidly, with flash memory becoming an internationally standardized memory device.


Being a leading supplier with the world largest production capacity of NAND Flash memory, Toshiba is supporting Consumer and Industrial customer with best in class quality and cost efficient storage solutions.


Key Technologies / Applications


24nm SLC, BENAND and Serial NAND are the best choice wherever a long lasting data storage or an application with very frequent write erase requirements needs the most robust and reliable solution.

  • For example to store the firmware in consumer applications like STB or TVs, SLC is the most adequate solution.
  • Industrial applications like GPS tracker or control units needs to write and erase smaller data very frequently and require a stress resistant memory solution.

15nm eMMCs are supporting the latest JEDEC 5.1 specification, which offers a wide range of features and functions. Those helps to develop highly flexible and reliable mass storage solutions in a standardized and cost effective way. 


  • For example the standardized “Device Health Report” enables the developer to get much more information on the status of the NAND cells inside the eMMC.  Based on it a procedure can be implemented to optimize the life time of the data stored on the eMMC.
  • The “Enhanced User Area Mode” or so called “pseudo-SLC” is an advantage for applications requiring the memory to perform with higher write/erase cycles than MLC or TLC NAND can offer, but do not require the maximum level of raw SLC.
  • Applications like CoM, Data Logger, Industrial PCs,  HMIs, Wearables, STB,Home Automation any many more require larger densities for the continuously growing range of functions and storage demand.


Key Products


Toshiba’s advanced Flash Memory technology offers SLC NAND providing best in class endurance and data retention for sensitive or frequently used data in a system.



Toshiba’s BENAND™ removes the burden of error correction code (ECC) from the host processor by offering ECC embedded in the hardware while keeping the same specification, high reliability and performance as a raw SLC.


Serial NAND (raw SLC + ECC + SPI)

Toshiba’s new line-up of 24nm based Serial NAND flash memory products are compatible with the widely used Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) giving users access to an SLC NAND flash memory with a low pin count, small package and large capacity. 



Toshiba’s e·MMC™ offers the optimal solution for applications where higher data volume needs to be stored in a cost efficient and easy to integrate way. e·MMC™ is a family of advanced and highly efficient NAND flash memory with an integrated controller and enhanced memory management.
Based on an interface standardized by JEDEC, Toshiba’s e·MMC™ offers the optimal solution for applications where higher data volume needs to be stored in a cost efficient way. It is fully compliant with the Multimedia Card Association (MMCA) high speed memory interface standard.


UFS    (Universal Flash Storage)

The new product generation of full managed memory (similar to an eMMC) with a high speed serial interface gives an outlook into the future of Mass Storage solutions.


Toshiba NAND Flash Product Range Overview



Reliability vs. Cost/Byte


Select the right product for your application requirements in terms of robustness and BOM efficiency:


Flash Nand Technology from Toshiba & EBV


Did you know that back in 1984 Toshiba invented a new memory technology?
In fact the erasing of the memory process reminded them of a camera flash so that it was called 'Flash' Memory. Flash Memories are now everywhere and will continue to be used to a greater extent with the next generation of IoT and Robots.



EBVuni - Embedded NAND Flash Memory Introduction


Toshiba, inventor of Flash Technology and leading producer of NAND in the world, has developed a wide range of innovative embedded memory solutions. In this webinar, together with Toshiba and EBV Elektronik, you will enlarge your knowledge on Toshiba´s new product line-up of embedded NAND Flash Memories. Achieve the basic technical understanding of the key topics to be considered for selecting the appropriate products for your design. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • SLC NAND Flash Memory: Broad line-up of single level cell based Flash Memory for maximum reliability.
  • BENAND™: SLC with embedded ECC - the cost effective 24nm replacement for legacy SLC generation without the need to change the host controller.
  • e-MMC™: The new trend for mass storage solution in the Industry by offering easy memory integration while utilizing standardized packages and commands.
    Available in standard and extended temperature range.