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Products and solutions that save power and help in the development of cost effective power supplies that meet the ever evolving global standards. 


ON Semiconductor's has an extensive range of DC-DC solutions for Applications ranging from Consumer products to high reliability Automotive and Medical applications. Products range from Linear Voltage Regulators to multi phase Switching Regulators to DC-DC modules. For applications ranging from battery powered wearable product and pacemakers to high performance computer motherboards, ON Semiconductor has a solution to your application requirements.


High Current Synchronous Buck Converters (NCP3231, NCP3231A, NCP3232N)


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Synchronous Buck Converter, 3 MHz, 2.0 A

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Voltage Regulator, VLDO, 1% Precision, 1.0 A, with Enable


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High Input Voltage (450 V), Low Output Current (10 mA) Linear Voltage Regulator


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200 mA LDO Regulator with Enable, Reset & Watchdog


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