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New Generation of IGBTs – Field Stop II

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore ON Semiconductor´s industry leading, best-in-class system level performance expansion to IGBT portfolio!

EBV Elektronik and ON Semiconductor present ON Semiconductor´s new generation of Field Stop II (FSII) devices, targeted at high performance power conversion (HPPC), consumer appliance and industrial applications. The new Field Stop II (FSII) devices improve switching characteristics and reduce losses by up to 30 percent leading to higher efficiency and translating into lower case temperature, giving designers options for improving overall system performance and reliability. Optimized for targeted applications, these devices show a reduction in case temperature of up to 20 percent over existing devices.

Featured products and their well suited applications:

  • The L2 Series of products, ideal for PFC applications or inverters for motor drives.
  • The FL2 Series of products, good candidates for applications such as UPS, PV Inverting, PFC and welding machines.
  • The IHR Series of products, optimized for use in applications such as induction heating.


  • IGBT advantage over temperature
  • Non Punch-thorough vs. Field Stop IGBT
  • Field Stop II Technology (FS2)
  • IGBT portfolio by applications
  • Typical application topologies