Smart, Secure, Connected - Everywhere

Discover the EBV IoT!

EBV Elektronik, with its expertise and heritage, is uniquely positioned to help companies in developing their IoT program, adding new functionalities such as security and connectivity. 

Smart, Secure, Connected - Everywhere

The Industry 4.0 refers to high-grade networking in the area of production. One relatively new aspect in this area is the so-called predictive maintenance. Here, sensors identify potential wear and tear and give notification in good time, before a breakdown, that maintenance and/or a replacement of parts is required.
In discussions relating to Industry 4.0, EBV Elektronik’s concern is no longer solely at the level of the pure technology conversion but also to answer questions such as ‘How do I get round that? What does that mean? Who are the players? What are the repercussions?’.
Consequently, the challenge as far as EBV is concerned is to bring the discussions with its clients to a higher level and to help them to adapt the process, thereby supplementing the product consultation with the business element.

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